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The RE4IT group aims to support the Italian economy to recover competitiveness through the reshoring

of some strategic productive and supplying activities, thus favouring a rapid recovery from the economic crisis triggered by the Covid-19 pandemic within the PNRR. More precisely, our intent is to develop a comprehensive understanding of back- and near-shoring phenomena.

Supporting companies

to plan, design and implement reshoring initiatives

Support policy makers

at regional and national level in the development of a set of industrial policies in support of reshoring and potentially integrating them with existing policies in support of Industry 4.0, digitalization and the Green

New Deal, with the aim of improving the attractiveness of our territories so as to:


encourage the choices of manufacturing back-shoring implemented by domestic companies;


helping Italian and foreign companies relocate part of their supply activities to domestic companies and supporting the latter to adapt their products and services to reshoring companies;


attract new companies based in the European macro-region and willing to transfer their production activities to Italy;


discourage the relocation of foreign companies already established in our territories.

Stimulate scientific and public debate

on the topic of reshoring, based on the “regionalization scenario” predicted after the Covid-19 pandemic (UNCTAD, 2020).

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